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Easter on White House Lawn

In 1935 my wife's grandmother, Althea Swinford Hutton, published a book of poetry dedicated to her daughter, Virginia.  Her husband, Hubert Hutton  worked as an assistant to the honorable Fred M. Vinson who served in all three branches of the government, eventually becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  One of the poems from Althea's book memorializes Virginia's participation in the Easter Egg Roll on the Whitehouse lawn.  Virginia just turned 94 this year.  She vaguely remembers participating in the event when she was about 5 years old, maybe 1928.  She has given me permission to reprint the poem here in honor of this long-standing White House tradition.

by Althea Swinford Hutton

When the President entertains us
Upon the White House lawn,
With his Easter party
We're awake before the dawn,
In joyful anticipation
Of this gala, gay occasion.

Our gay beribboned baskets
Filled with eggs of brightest hue
Vie for favor with our bonnets
Now so saucy, crisp and new--
Which we don with proud assurance
For this special day's occurrence.

We pass through the gates historic
Where kings have passed before,
And our own beloved statesmen
Pass today; and those of yore
Whose noble spirits seem to linger
Adding welcome to our Childhood ever eager.

Bright balloons float about
And the lawn is ours.
Bands sweet music make
While we spend the sunny hours,
Rolling eggs in fashion gay to see
On a land that's truly free.