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Frank Solomon was born in Cynthiana, Kentucky in the middle of the 20th century. He is a three-time graduate of the University of Kentucky, and lives in Lexington with his wife Dixiana.

Frank has taught Biology, general science, robotics and many computer related classes to eager adults and children. He is a retired Systems Programmer, a profession he practiced at the University of Kentucky for almost 30 years. He has in the past been a police dispatcher, grocery clerk, and secondary school teacher. In his spare time he has dabbled in driving sports cars, building electronic hardware projects, and star gazing. He is currently learning to juggle and write fiction.

"Sailing on the Crista Galli" is Frank's first published book of poetry. The title is a reference to the anatomy of the human skull, gleaned from the year Mr. Solomon spent in the College of Medicine.

Frank has written the second draft of his first novel, entitled "The Blizzard Kings" a story about two brothers on a mission.  He is working on the first draft of his second novel.